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Learn the most accurate and cutting-edge astrology in the world! Magi Astrology is the only astrology system strictly based on scientific research.

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How do I join the Magi Astrology Certification Program?
The Magi Astrology Certification Program is free to professional level members of the Magi Society - currently that requires that you join the Magi Society for a minimum of 5 years. After you qualify, you will be sent an email to get you started in the program.
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I'm a member of the Magi Society. How can I purchase additional years of membership to qualify for this program?
If you are a member of the Magi Society and want to purchase additional years of membership to qualify for this program (a 5-year membership is required) click here and add additional years @$55 per year.

I'm a member of the Magi Society. How can I find out if I qualify?
If you are a member of the Magi Society and are uncertain whether or not you qualify as a professional (5-year) member,
click here.

I'm a 5+ year member of the Magi Society- how do I start the program?
The Magi Society Membership Office has to verify your membership before we can get you started. Our current procedure is this:

Go to the member's page here: You will need your member's password to log in.
Click on “New Magi Study Program, click here”
Scroll down a little and click on “Certification Enrollment Form”
Click to view and fill out the form.
Once the membership office receives your form and verifies your membership you’ll be sent instructions to get started.*
  *Please bear with us - this form will be updated under better stars but we still need you to fill it out now to participate.

I'm a member of the Magi Society and have filled out the Certification Enrollment application on the member's website but haven't received further instructions.
If you have already filled out the Magi Society Certification Enrollment application but haven't received further instructions,
click here.

When can I join the Certification Program?
The program is ongoing, you may join at any time.

Who teaches the Certification Program?
Magi Helena and Magi Kevin, Level IV Certified Magi Astrologers, are the authors and instructors of the Certification Program.

What software should I buy?
Each Certification Program group is provided with a list of recommended software for their level of study.

How can I get questions answered?
Current Lesson: Questions pertaining to the current lesson for your group can be asked at that lesson's teleconference.

Other Lessons: Questions about another lesson can only be answered for free during the teleconference for that lesson.

Other Magi Astrology Questions: Questions about any lesson at any time, or about any aspect of Magi Astrology, can be answered in an optional paid tutoring session with Magis Kevin or Helena. About Tutoring

Certification Program Questions: Most questions about the Certification Program itself are answered on this website. Since the Magi Astrology Certification Program is a volunteer effort by Magis Helena and Kevin, we ask that you first try to find your answer on this site before contacting us. Certification Program participants: If you can't find your answer on this site, please login to your group above left and use the contact form on your group's website. Magis Kevin and Helena cannot answer Study Program questions through their own websites or email addresses.

I've taken the test - when will I get my results?
Participants will get test results back along sign-up instructions for their assigned group within approximately 3 weeks after the current test-taking period is over.

What if I disagree with my test score? Can I retake the test?

Scoring on all tests is final with no exceptions, sorry. You will be notified by email when follow-up exams are available to be taken. Though you may be impatient to learn more advanced techniques, it is only with a mastery of foundational techniques that you can become a competent Magi Astrologer and use this amazing system effectively.

I took the test/tried to take the test and haven't heard anything since.
If you did not register for the test using your email as your username as per the test instructions, we don't know who you are and can't contact you. It's an anomaly in the test system. Sorry! Please contact us

How can I advance to the next level of study?
Graduation from one level to the next is solely based upon achieving a passing score on a follow-up proficiency exam.

How can I become a Certified Magi Astrologer?
Becoming a Certified Magi Astrologer is a fairly long process. The Magi Society insists on the highest standards to make sure that the public can have complete confidence in the qualifications of a Certified Magi Astrologer. Program members wishing to become Certified Magi Astrologers must demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of Magi techniques, graduate from the free Advanced Study Group, and complete the separate Master Program in Magi Astrology. We cannot guarantee that participation in the free Magi Astrology Certification Program or even the Master Program will result in your becoming a Certified Magi Astrologer, just as a university cannot guarantee graduation to all incoming students.

What is the Master Program?
The Master Program is a separate invitation-only program offered to Advanced Study Group graduates who also demonstrate the character and professionalism necessary for becoming a Certified Magi Astrologer. The Master Program teaches the most advanced techniques of Magi Astrology. Though the Master Program will only be offered to Advanced Study Group graduates whom we believe will be able to complete the Master Program and become Certified Magi Astrologers, we cannot guarantee that Master Program participants will complete the Master Program and become Certified Magi Astrologers.