Magi Astrology Certification Program

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The Certification Study Program


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  To participate in the Magi Astrology Certification Program you must be a be a professional level member of the Magi Society - currently that requires that you join the Magi Society for a minimum of 5 years. After you qualify, you will be sent an email to get you started in the program. The program is ongoing, so you may join at any time.

The new Magi Astrology Certification Program is divided into three study levels based upon level of proficiency in Magi Astrology. Qualifying members may take the Magi Astrology Placement Test to determine their proficiency level or skip the test and start in the Introductory Level. Graduation from one level to the next is based upon a passing score on a follow-up proficiency exam.

This program has been developed to be an organized, foundational approach to learning Magi Astrology. As you master basic principles, you will move on to increasingly complex levels of knowledge.


Magi Astrology
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Learn the most accurate and cutting-edge astrology in the world! Magi Astrology is the only astrology system strictly based on scientific research.

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Free Certification Program participants receive login access to their group's website, online lessons, and call-in information for teaching teleconferences held approximately quarterly. Certification Program participants will have access to the most cutting-edge advances in Magi Astrology long before Magi Society members or the general public.

Principles taught at each level:

Introductory Level
Teaches fundamental Magi Astrology techniques:
Key differences between traditional western and Magi Astrology
Four dimensions of Magi Astrology
Planets and Points with Planetary Symbolisms
Magi Aspects and Orbs
Introduction to Planetary Geometry
Introduction to Natalizations
Introduction to Relationship Astrology

Intermediate Level
Teaches intermediate Magi Astrology techniques:
Magi Zodiacs
Intermediate Planetary Geometry, Synchronizations and Positioning
Additional Planets and Points and Planetary Symbolisms
Natal Charts
Relationship Astrology
Introduction to Business Magi Astrology
Introduction to Financial Magi Astrology

Advanced Level
Teaches advanced Magi Astrology techniques:
Additional Points and Symbolisms
Advanced Natalizations
Business Magi Astrology
Financial Magi Astrology

Certification Program members wishing to become Certified Magi Astrologers must demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of Magi techniques, graduate from the Advanced Study Group, and complete the separate Master Program in Magi Astrology.